Wednesday, March 11, 2009

That’s How We Roll . . . .

As I’ve previously posted, since yesterday (March 10), daughter Meredith is off to perhaps become Sister Maria (fill in the blank) with the Servants of the Lord missionary order.

We had a party for her on Sunday, which involved 37 people and two 6 week-old lab puppies. (The puppies belong to my brother Matt, who did NOT think ahead to bring his baby goats or his pregnant llama along too. I don’t think he loves me at all).

I took a few photos at the party, but neglected to get any of my parents, nieces and nephews, or the puppies, and the photos I took were yucky because the light was bad. I don’t know why I even bothered to get the camera out.

As a last hurrah, Meredith decided to enter a bike race on Saturday. She did not decide to loose skin along the road by crashing, but that happened anyway. Most of the women in the field had not raced before and, in fact, had not ever even watched a bicycle race. Despite the fact she was wearing a Bert and Ernie jersey and had to remove a bell from her handlebars to pass muster before the race officials, having raced before (some) and having seen races before (lots), she was the one of the more experienced racers in the field of sketchy riders (being a sketchy rider is very insulting, much worse than having wonky seams in your knitting). So of course it was Meredith who wrecked.

warming up on a trainer but not really pulling off a tough look with the Bert & Ernie get-up

It’s all good though because, in spite of entering the convent looking like she had just been dragged behind a moving vehicle, the bike was not damaged.

At the end of the day Meredith was glad she raced, glad she wasn’t hurt worse, and glad to leave the bike racing to her brother whose advice to her was “don’t crash.”

Sorry to say I didn't get any photos of the gory wounds. Although I think bike wreck photos are arty and dramatic, my kids think they are just plain gross and won’t let me take any–Brats!

In fibery news, I cut the two cotton scarves I was weaving off the loom but was not very happy with them. I made a few threading errors that don’t look to me much like “design elements” and the color repeats in the yarn I used for weft in one of the scarves ended up being unattractively striped-y. So, the striped-y scarf now adorns my dresser where there is so much junk that it can’t really be seen, and Meredith took the scarf I made in blue tones with her to the ‘vent. Tonight I’m either going to measure off a warp of rayon for a scarf/wrap or do a warp in cotton/linen for tea towels in a Finnish weaving pattern. In either case, it will be my first attempt at dressing the loom from back-to-front, so I should have an entertaining evening.


MarthaH said...

Sorry about your daughter's crash but happy that she's fine and ready to go again? I hope so. Love womens cycling even more than mens given that it is harder in many ways. A couple of years ago, we hosted the Aaron's womens team here at our home and it was a blast. My husband went on a training ride with them and he was utter toast at the end of it!

ann I am said...

MarthaH--The race was funny because . . . well, here's why: At one point, up over a climb Meredith was off the front with 3-5 riders and said to one--"let's go, we'll work together and drop the rest." The gal answered, "I'm not allowed to do that." HUH???? It was probably the goofy jersey.

Marianne said...

Love the photos, I always click on them to see the details. Meredith is so beautiful and yeah...Sister Maria, wouldn't surprise me a bit, doesn't surprise me (figuring this nut didn't fall too far from her mama tree ;^)
Good luck with the threading biz, how'd you do?
Is it snowing downtown?

Marianne said...

ps... meant to say thank you also... didn't really want to see the pizza butt.
What's that photo, partial photo, in the first, upper right hand?
I'll shut up now.

word verification: fatim

ann I am said...

It IS snowing downtown, but the sun is shining through the clouds now too, so that's a little weird--nice, but weird. The photo on the wall in the first photo is one of the MANY soccer ones I have hanging on my walls.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't even look like a nunfit....are you sure she's going to a convent and not just running off with some like minded friends??

ann I am said...

Well, the "nun-fit" was improved a bit by the addition of a cashmere scarf . . . but that is the get-up she'll wear for the 1st 6 mos to a year--then she'll get a blue and gray habit.

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