Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Waaaaay too Pink

Well, changing the template made things way too pink for my taste. I can't figure out out how to use all that space on the margins. Maybe a different template?

WHAT the . . . ???

I am just trying to figure out how to customize my plog bage and so I imported the photo--I had NO IDEA it would be so hideous. Ohhhhh, now I see a tab that says template----wonder what THAT does????? I'm gonna go see--bye

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Really cool kniting stuff


I'm just marking this so I can find it again and try some of her patterns.

In the BEGINNING . . .

It's probably unfathomly dorky to start a blog by saying this is my first attempt at blogging, so I'll avoid making THAT comment.

My newest of many passions is knitting. Over Christmas break, my freshman-in-college daughter was home from school and asked for knitting stuff from Santa. Santa delivered (you know that's me--right?) and dug stuff from the bowels of the craft room (which my husband affectionately? calls the cavern of crap) to reveal an almost completed sweater I started when my daughter was not yet two, and half a bootie I started for my son (now almost 18).

Except for a tangled mess of a sort of scarf-like thingy in a cheap variagated brown, orange and green I attempted as a kid, those are the only things I had ever really knitted, and I didn't complete them--what a loser!

If pressed, however, I can form a stitch, either knit or purl--AND in either continental or English-style, so I'm not a complete knitting virgin. My attempts at knitting have just fallen victim to my self-diagnosed PCD. Project Completion Disorder. I was actually able to help DD (see, I have studied blogger lingo) knit a scarf AND a cell phone cover for her roommate. I knitted a scarf for myself, as well. Oh, and I knitted a hat for my son, so in the last week I've even used double-pointed needles, which I can't say I liked a bit, thank you very much. And, NO, my son WILL NOT wear the hat, which I have to admit looks like a girl's hat.

My motto is: ANYTHING WORTH DOING is worth OVERDOING. So I've spent about $300 on yarns, needles and books. We are having what the newscasters are calling a "significant weather event" (ice storm) in Tulsa, so as long as I have to be at home--I'm off on a knittng adventure . . . . >>>>>>>

I checked CAT Bordhi's (sp?) book out of the library and bought some really cool loooong circular needles to knit a mobius scarf. I thought it would be a wide collar sort of affair. BUT, somehow I screwed up the cast-on count and in addition to having chosen yarn that looks like a horse blanket, the blasted thing hangs down below my crotch (It's a lovely look sure to catch on soon). I DID however finish it--props to me! I'm going to cast on with some nasty cheap acrylic stuff I have left over from the kids' elementary school days and see if I can figure out what I did wrong. Oh, and just to be thoroughly consistent with my motto, I've joined a couple of Yahoo groups and am doing a few dishcloth KAL's. And since you asked, YES I also joined a sock KAL which will start on the 15th. Ohhhhh that's tomorrow--I hope the feeling comes back in my hands so I can get started on that. hahahahahaaha

And, through watching DIY Network's knitty gritty, I discovered that I knit in a "combination" style. So now I know why I can't seem to follow knitting book illustrations. Thanks Annie Modesette(sp?).

Well, better go--gotta take down my Christmas decorations. I have a firm rule that the tree MUST be undecorated and the stuff all put away before Groundhog day. I DO have standards, they just aren't very high.

My Tattoo

My Tattoo
A bike chain tattoo, that is It's chain lube ya know