Saturday, February 28, 2009


My lovely daughter, Meredith, has decided to join The Servants of the Lord or Servidoras, a religious order, as a nun. To that end, we moved her home from college at Christmas and she has been hanging out at home since then awaiting the results of some psychological testing.
Well, apparently she is not completely crazy or is at least crazy in an acceptable way because she got a call to tell her she could pick a date to go live at the convent. So she has.
March 10th she will leave here, fly to Washington, D.C., and thence travel to Upper Marlboro, Maryland where she’ll begin living life as a postulate. Meanwhile, there are long gray skirts to be made, white blouses to be bought, prayers to be said, and a party to be planned . . . I’ll be busy.

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Marianne said...

wow, so soon! wow.
Sweet Blessings for Meredith.

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