Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crafty bits

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh was the theme of a swap on Back-Tack. The idea was to make/give something sparkly (gold), sensory (frankincense), and gifty (myrrh). I was paired with a clever gal in Western Australia. she sent me a straw wreath she made of wheat she cut from her own fields, pounded/coaxed into a circle and decorated. It is still hanging inside my front door. She also sent an apron decorated with appliqued birds, some quilted birds, a felt-it-yourself hat, and some hand-made lavender soap and knitted cotton face cloth.

Here are photos of the apron, birds and pre-felted hat. The soap was used before it got photographed, I haven't gotten a good shot of the wreath, and no one here (the brats!) will model the hat for me--I wore it a LOT on our ski trip.

The gifts I sent strayed from the fiber arts into an old hobby--beading. I was going to make just one bracelet, but got carried away and made two, and earrings to match.

I made several batches of biscotti to send. But, I was using a new pan I was overly excited about and every batch turned out so pitiful looking I had to eat them all myself. I noticed my partner had mentioned in her blog that she was not able to find the orange oil she needed to make homemade granola (which I highly recommend). So, I bought some oil and threw in a pair of save-the-tatas socks for good measure.

Christmas knitting this year consisted of a pair of slippers for my mother-in-law and what was supposed to be two hats. These are the same hats I knitted for the calendar contest. I remembered them to be a fast knit. I did NOT remember that even knit to PERFECT gauge, the hats turn out to be smallish and therefore require even a loose knitter like me to go up 2 needle sizes and add 5 rows to the pattern. Nor did I remember that I recorded those changes on my Ravelry project page. So, one hat was knit waaaaay too small, one was knit waaaaaay too big and felted to a near approximation of the correct size and two were actually knit to size. Note to self: LOOK AT YOUR NOTES.

Anyway, here's my nephew graciously wearing the too small version.

As long as I had the pattern and sizing down, after Christmas I knit Alex a hat too. Then, I began a scarf for Meredith out of a great Mountain Colors worsted, but she probably can't take that to the convent with her, so I made her Grumperina's Shifting Sands scarf out of some great Debbie Bliss Cashmerino SuperChunky. (It is black, not gray)
and finally, here is the chemo cap I made of alpaca and silk

I've been also spinning and weaving, those delights await another post.

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