Sunday, March 29, 2009

US v El Salvador

I realize no one reading this cares, but later I may want to recall the match and this seems as good a place as any to take note. And, once in a while my inner sports nerd just takes over my consciousness and this is what happens.

WoW--El Salvador, big underdog in terms of fitness, skill, style, and field presence, has not been to a World Cup since the 80's ('82, I think). The stands in San Salvador are PACKED with a sea of El Salvador blue and screaming fans. AND, despite numerous US chances, El Salvador scores first--missed mark upfield started the run. Then the crowd gets even louder and El Salvador packs the middle of the field making attack difficult for the US---(they could have tried playing the ball outside and drawing the defense there, but apparently that didn't occur to them). Anyway at half it is 1-0 El Salvador--the US gave up about a million corner kicks. (maybe a few less than a million, but it was a lot).

After the half, El Salvador scores again. What the . . . . ? Then, the US takes over . . . the man of the match for my money was Frankie Hejduk--right outside back who is about as fit as Lance Armstrong (or Fabian Cancellara--another bike racer, world champion time trialist, Olympic time trial gold, he used to be lead out man for sprinter Alessandro Petacchi, he is Swiss, powerful, gorgeous, and on the cover of VeloNews this week). Frankie assisted on the first goal and came blazing out of nowhere to head a corner kick into the goal for the second goal.

So, it was a 2-2- tie. AND, US plays another World Cup Qualifier on Wednesday v. Trinidad and Tabago.

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