Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MUCH better, thank you.

My warped angst of the previous post has now completely evaporated in favor of this rayon boucle warp in a rich gold color called suede and a weft of a bumpy multicolored knitting yarn.

I'm weaving the scarf in a hopsack pattern [ 1-2-3-4 threading, and 12-34 tie-up, with R-R-L-L-L treadling for you weavers]. The resulting fabric looks NOTHING like what I think of when someone says hopsack. I don't know what YOU think of, but I think of burlap. Anyway, I'm pleased.

The Cloth Merchants (the only people in town who sell decent garment fabric) are having their semi-annual showing at a local sewing machine store (Bee-Sew Inn at the Farm). I stopped in today after work and saw this pattern made up in a linen stripe:
I think the rendering above is uber-dorky looking and not even something I'd even consider, BUT the model garment was stunning. And, the pattern jacket lists handwoven among the suggested fabrics. That sounds like a challenge to me . . . only problem is (truthfully, probably more than one problem) the pattern calls for a minimum width of 50 inches (the longer vest is cut in one piece). My loom has a weaving width of 60 inches, but that is REALLY wide, and there is always shrinkage. But, the pattern only calls for 1 and 5/8 yards (almost 60 inches) which is a reasonable amount to weave. So. . . . I'm cogitating on the prospect of actually weaving garment fabric. More to follow, or not.

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Stitching At Stone Cottage said...

how nice to be able to weave your own sewing utterly nice...make sure you post some pictures....

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