Monday, September 29, 2008

Confessions of a . . . .

As previously reported, I completed a scarf-width Sunday Market Shawl only to louse up the dropping of stitches and have to unravel the whole damned thing to start over. Begin again I did on Friday and by Sunday night I was once again ready to drop stitches and bind off.

Not wanting to repeat the previous disaster, I reigned in my usual bull-in-a-china-closet approach to inspect the first row of knitting to be sure to drop the right stitches. And, I’ll be all-go-to-hell if I didn’t f*up the VERY FIRST ROW. I missed a yarn-over so at one point I have a clump of 4 rows together without a dropped stitch.

Oh hahahahahaha–the joke’s on me

Following the pattern would have yielded EXACTLY the same mess I had before. What to do?? NO, I did NOT unravel and knit the scarf for the 3rd time. I completed the dumb scarf, dropping the stitches in the pattern established on the first row. I washed and blocked it.
It’s fine–I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

AND, so as not to appear uni-dimensionally low tech in my screw-up-ed-ness, I’ll share this too.

As previously reported, I had a fab photographic extravaganza at the fair. I took hundreds of night shots of the midway. I thought some of the photos were pretty amazing in a colorful abstract-y way. I was feeling pretty darned good about my photographic prowess right up to the point where talent intersected with the cyber fates.

The computer said it copied ALL the photos before it sought permission to delete the files on the memory card. It wasn’t until after permission to delete was irretrievably granted that I discovered, for some reason known only to that freak Bill Gates and the army of hacks he employs, that the only photos that were actually deleted from my memory card were the same ones NOT copied to the computer. Naturally, that particular subset contained the photos I liked, including the ones in my previous post.

SHEESH!!! Can I catch a break?
Apparently not!

SO, again I’ll fill my pockets with cash, don comfy shoes, load up the camera and return to the fair. I’ll get more shots. This time I’ll take my monopod to steady the camera and my technique will be better because I learned some stuff last time . . . but it won’t be nearly as much fun, unless I decide to drink beer.

Stay tuned as Ann’s disaster-Fest returns later this week
with more harrowing tales of low and high tech system failures.


Marianne said...

GACK!!!!! Unbelievable. So glad the scarf was figured out and not frogged again. but 'Dang Lizzie' on the photos!!!!!

Knit and fall back in it said...

When you go back to the fair, forget the beer, go for the megamargarita. Best $12 I ever spent.

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