Friday, September 26, 2008

You'd think I could count to TWO

So, I was really inspired by the Sunday Market Shawl knitted by Sue of Brookside Library Knit Night . . . so, despite the unfinished-ness of several projects, including (sewing) a jacket I promised to a niece almost two years ago and a birthday present due last July, I bought some lovely plum colored merino wool berroco yarn to (selfishly) make one for myself.

EXHIBIT A--the yarn.

The yarn gradually changes from the deep plum to a dusky lighter color -- I figured if I knit from the dark end of the ball for the first ball and then from the light end of the ball on the second ball, the color would gradually fade from dark to light and then back to dark at both ends. And, I cast on fewer stitches so as to have a scarf width rather than a shawl.
The yarn is perfect, the colors are perfect, my plan is working out just . . . (ohhhh what word?) . . . perfectly. (I do know my adverbs). The knitting went really fast, I was soooooo excited that I got out of bed at 5am this morning to knit the last few rows and bind off and then --


-- have the fun of dropping stitches to make this simple pattern work. The pattern requires that on the last row you knit two stitches, drop one stitch and knit two, and so on. I didn't even make coffee before I completed the scarf.

So, here's where I am now.
EXHIBIT B--the scarf

Well SHIT! If you (and by you, I refer only to my own stupid self) don't count the damned stitches right, and consequently drop the wrong stitches, the whole stinking thang comes apart at the bottom and makes a wonky mess. It's really difficult to count "1 - 2, drop" ummmmm a whole total of NINE freakin' times. I can't tell you how humbling it is to know that particular sequence is too complicated for me.

Well, the good news is that it was really entertaining to re-wind the balls of yarn with the ball winder directly from the scarf -- Maybe THAT's my WHEEEEEEEE for the day. And more good news, I probably won't pull a whole box of tampons out of my purse and lay it on the counter at the coffee shop while looking for my wallet because I did THAT yesterday. "Hey you guys, get back in there where you belong!" On the other hand, I'm going to the fair and I'll probably take my camera(s) so there is still plenty of opportunity for disaster for me today . . . I'd better go get started!


Marianne said...

Mercy... and *snort*. SO sorry that had to happen but on the bright side O'Life... it didn't take terribly long to knit up,eh? plus those are such yummy colours to be playing with.
Now, say it with me "one,two,drop"

I read a blog the other day, the woman was in class and needing some lip balm, reached in her bag and pulled out what she thought was her lip balm but nooooo, it was a tampax and yes, it was witnessed and responded to... sigh.
I'm just glad I no longer have to pack those babies with me. ok, odd choice of words.

Emma said...

Oh, Ann, it's always something with you! But always something entertaining. Have fun at the Fair!

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