Sunday, September 28, 2008

I had a fairly good time

I'm pretty sure if ribbons were awarded for dorky titles, I'd get "best of show" for that one.

BUT, I had probably the BEST time I've had at the fair since the kids were really little. Kelly had to work in the KOTV booth on Friday from 7-11 pm. So, armed with a film camera loaded with B&W and my digital with a fresh battery and a 2 gig memory card and NO ADGENDA, I wandered and watched the night away.
CONGRATS to Emma who got a second place ribbon for her gorgeous socks and to Kat who got a baZillion ribbons, including best of show for a beautiful knitted shawl.
Anyway, on Friday night the people watching was supreme. The midway was a kind of city of lights

full of bad-ass characters

And pretty girls all trying look the same

AND, here's my entry for the state fair category of photography for next year.

I spent most of my time in the cattle barn literally shooting the bulls, but I don't have any of those photos to share because I shot film there and need to buy new chemicals before I can develop any.

Saturday we went to OU to have breakfast with Alex and his roommates. We hadn't seen his room in the frat house, so we got the tour. Wow, it sure beats where Kel-dog lived in his college days.

I was pleased to see that the sleeping loft (sleeping loft???????) had all the important elements of life and good decorating. Ya got your prayer flags, bike race numbers, backpacking backpacks, and the obligatory bike product banner.

Moving to the wall opposite the loft, you see two of the four bikes hanging in the room.
And here's Alex on the sofa where a bottle cage has been thoughtfully hung from the wall, just in case someone gets thirsty. And finally, I must say this next item makes me extremely proud. Here we have the white plastic trash can that was spray painted a metalic silver, demonstrating that the guys appreciate both the need to have a trash can and the desire to be crafty.


Knit and fall back in it said...

I love your fair pictures. I haven't been yet, but will definitely go once before it's over.

Anonymous said...

THAT'S a frat house room?....sheesh.....lookslike a hotel room

Marianne said...

LOVE the fair photos and especially that last one you plan on entering next year.
Yowza, dude's easy on the eye. and no, I'm NOT saying that in a lecherous tone.

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