Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can you say CALENDAR?

I can--I can !!!!

Although it will not be on the cover of the calendar, one of the three photos I submitted to the calendar photo contest did get selected to be on a calendar page. I'm sworn to secrecy about which photo for another week or so until the 2009 calendar shows up in the knitty store. I'm just guessing, but I think that will also be the same time the Fall Knitty Surprise is posted.

You could try to guess. And, Ms. Commentous Anonymous--no fair telling, or giving hints. I have a lovely skein of 480 yards of yarnpirate hand dyed (I think it's hand dyed) fingering weight I'll give to the best guesser, winning name to be drawn out of a knitted hat in case of a tie. Guessing will officially end when says the calendar is in its store.





AND, no post is complete without a "what now?" story.
So, Saturday morning Mr anniam (oh, you KNOW his name is Kelly) is running a bath for himself and comes literally streaking out yelling about a spider and directing me to get a broom. There was a smallish tarantula in the bathroom, which I'm sorry to say did not survive that dangerous triumvirate of Kelly, a broom, and the toilet. For the record, Kelly does feel bad about not being a more gracious host, but I'm giving him a pass on his behavior because after all he was naked. As for me, I'm giving myself props for not insisting on photographs, owing also to the nakedness.


Kat said...

Poor Mr. AnnIAm! I'd freak if I found a tarantula, too!

My guess is C, although I still love D. I'm assuming that since you said you submitted three pics, the fourth one wasn't one you sent in.

Congrats on the winning pic!

dobarah said...

I would vote for C also...and the hubster wants to know which trail you were on!

Emma said...

Wow, that's amazing, Ann. Congratulations! That's huge, and v. exciting. Woo hoo!

I was going to guess Back to the Mountains, but I see that's what others guessed, so I'm going with Bathing Beauties. The folks at Knitty are mad not to have chosen them all.

ann I am said...

The "trail" we were on for photo "c" was US 89 at a wide spot in the road between St. Mary and Babb along Lower St. Mary Lake.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! That is awesome! My favorite is "C". I love the way that picture turned out. Loved reading the spider story :)
gina y (Loops)

Lista said...

Spiders and nudity do NOT mix well, unless hilarity is what you were going for, and even then, it's only funny if it happens to someone else! I'm going to have to say C, but all the pictures are awesome. I'd buy a calendar with D in it in a heartbeat!

Marianne said...

You already know I love all those photos... but as to what I think 'they' chose? dang. that's a tough one really... for showing the hats so well I'd have to say 'C'.
Congratulations You!

Marianne said...

oh yeah... seriously? a wee tarantula? SERIOUSLY?

Liz said...

Definitely C! :D Beautiful photo - and lovely hats too. Well done on having your photo chosen!

Ellen said...

Was he on the toilet when it happened and can I tell my brother about this? I think it is C. (but how great if it were D).

Anonymous said... I would love to guess, but I don't want to waste your wonderful prize if I won....someone else in your readership can have it..

S. E. Ward said...

Wow. Awesome knitting, awesome photography. Jumping on the bandwagon and voting C. It does the best job of showing the knitted pieces. My personal favourite, however, is A. That sort of scene always makes me want to dive headlong into water, whether I'm dressed for it or not.

This is Seward from Tulsa Knitters, btw. :)

Knit and fall back in it said...

Congratulations!!! A is my favorite. I hope it's A, I need some new yarn for the sock yarn blankie. :) (fingers crossed)

Penny said...

I'm going to guess C as well - It's a gorgeous photo, one that just screams to be on a calendar! Although, it should be on the cover!!

Congrats for being chosed :)

Becky said...

My guess is also C. It is a classic Montana shot. Thanks for letting us know which trail you were on. Congrats on being chosen by Knitty. Those girls have good taste!

Penny said...

Hmm, I just came and read the comments to see how everyone else voted. I noticed that apparently on Oct 6th, I forget how to spell "chosen."

Anyway, congratulations :)

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