Sunday, November 1, 2009

He's better than I am

So, I got up early on Saturday in a cleaning frenzy. You know, the kind where you move all the furniture out and run a wet rag around the bottom of the base boards to get that linty junk that builds up. The kind of frenzy where you take 45 minutes to vacuum the family room, cause you want to get the floor really clean, and where you mop the floor with boiling water, cause . . .

anything worth doing is worth OVERDOING.
Well, since that kind of frenzy can go too far, I limited my efforts, deciding I'd quit at about 11.

When we sat down for lunch, it became apparent that someone -- KELLY (!)-- had tracked dog crap ALL OVER the family room and kitchen floors. DAMN IT!!!!!!!!! I groused a bit about this happenstance (as you can imagine) and Kelly good naturedly cleaned up his mess (although not as thoroughly as I would have, I might even have said that).

Then we decided to work the bees. So it was in-and-out-and-in-and-out of the back yard. Well, there was lots more dog crap to be had on the shoes, especially mine. When we , and me with my dog-shitty shoes, got into Kelly's (always immaculate) car later in the day, you know what he did ????
He laughed.
And offered to take my shoes to a car wash.

I am NEVER that nice.


Marianne said...

You have The Most Amazing energy level! Always, ALWAYS on the go go go.
Yep, although I've never met Kelly in person everything I've ever heard or read about him all leads to one conclusion, a really nice guy!

Stitching At Stone Cottage said...

good yarn...i dont believe you...i bet your that nice....i can just tell...

Sanders said...

He's a good man!

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