Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here's Tulsa

I ran across these photos I took of various Tulsa sights at various Tulsa sites. I like 'em, so I thought I'd put them up here.

Gratuitous night shots of the downtown skyline.

Followed by various views of the the iconic Golden Driller.

This one taken with my Holga, which is a boxy plastic toy film camera with a plastic lens.

These were taken last year during the fair.

And, this is a sculpture downtown that I really like. This photo was also taken with my Holga and, if I remember correctly, I think it was cross-processed. Which means the photo was taken with slide film but developed like a print, which causes arty color-shifts which are now more easily and predictably accomplished with the flick of a finger in Photo Shop.

Here's a double exposed shot of downtown, from right in front of the federal building where I toil most of the live-long day-- Also Holga shot.

And, finally a shot of Coney I-Lander. Yep, it's a Holga photo too, notice the charming light leaks --classic Holga stuff.


Stitching At Stone Cottage said...

what is the population of Tulsa?

ann I am said...

Tulsa itself is less than 400 thousand, the greater Tulsa Metro Area is around 925 thousand.

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