Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bohus Stickning

I just spent a day learning about the Bohus Stickning knitting technique. That is a style of color work knitting that originated in Sweden during the depression. The hand knitting was performed by women to enable them to make money handknitting for high fashion.

The garments displayed were stunning. The workshop included yarn and instruction to make a set of wrist warmers. I'll photograph them when I get them done.

Kelly (aka Tim-the-Tool man) got a new toy today.
The difference between men and boys is . . .
the price of their toys.


Marianne said...

Seriously? where was that workshop?
why do I need to live in a cave.... I have the book, 'Poems of Color', and constantly inspired...
What fun!

ann I am said...

Marianne: The workshop was put on by the Knitting Guild. But, anyone could attend for payment of the workshop price, which I think was $50 a day. Next time we do a workshop, I'll try to remember to let you know.

Lost City Denise said...

A Bohus sweater is my dream project. I'm thinking 2011 is the year of Bohus for me!

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