Monday, September 29, 2008

Confessions of a . . . .

As previously reported, I completed a scarf-width Sunday Market Shawl only to louse up the dropping of stitches and have to unravel the whole damned thing to start over. Begin again I did on Friday and by Sunday night I was once again ready to drop stitches and bind off.

Not wanting to repeat the previous disaster, I reigned in my usual bull-in-a-china-closet approach to inspect the first row of knitting to be sure to drop the right stitches. And, I’ll be all-go-to-hell if I didn’t f*up the VERY FIRST ROW. I missed a yarn-over so at one point I have a clump of 4 rows together without a dropped stitch.

Oh hahahahahaha–the joke’s on me

Following the pattern would have yielded EXACTLY the same mess I had before. What to do?? NO, I did NOT unravel and knit the scarf for the 3rd time. I completed the dumb scarf, dropping the stitches in the pattern established on the first row. I washed and blocked it.
It’s fine–I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

AND, so as not to appear uni-dimensionally low tech in my screw-up-ed-ness, I’ll share this too.

As previously reported, I had a fab photographic extravaganza at the fair. I took hundreds of night shots of the midway. I thought some of the photos were pretty amazing in a colorful abstract-y way. I was feeling pretty darned good about my photographic prowess right up to the point where talent intersected with the cyber fates.

The computer said it copied ALL the photos before it sought permission to delete the files on the memory card. It wasn’t until after permission to delete was irretrievably granted that I discovered, for some reason known only to that freak Bill Gates and the army of hacks he employs, that the only photos that were actually deleted from my memory card were the same ones NOT copied to the computer. Naturally, that particular subset contained the photos I liked, including the ones in my previous post.

SHEESH!!! Can I catch a break?
Apparently not!

SO, again I’ll fill my pockets with cash, don comfy shoes, load up the camera and return to the fair. I’ll get more shots. This time I’ll take my monopod to steady the camera and my technique will be better because I learned some stuff last time . . . but it won’t be nearly as much fun, unless I decide to drink beer.

Stay tuned as Ann’s disaster-Fest returns later this week
with more harrowing tales of low and high tech system failures.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I had a fairly good time

I'm pretty sure if ribbons were awarded for dorky titles, I'd get "best of show" for that one.

BUT, I had probably the BEST time I've had at the fair since the kids were really little. Kelly had to work in the KOTV booth on Friday from 7-11 pm. So, armed with a film camera loaded with B&W and my digital with a fresh battery and a 2 gig memory card and NO ADGENDA, I wandered and watched the night away.
CONGRATS to Emma who got a second place ribbon for her gorgeous socks and to Kat who got a baZillion ribbons, including best of show for a beautiful knitted shawl.
Anyway, on Friday night the people watching was supreme. The midway was a kind of city of lights

full of bad-ass characters

And pretty girls all trying look the same

AND, here's my entry for the state fair category of photography for next year.

I spent most of my time in the cattle barn literally shooting the bulls, but I don't have any of those photos to share because I shot film there and need to buy new chemicals before I can develop any.

Saturday we went to OU to have breakfast with Alex and his roommates. We hadn't seen his room in the frat house, so we got the tour. Wow, it sure beats where Kel-dog lived in his college days.

I was pleased to see that the sleeping loft (sleeping loft???????) had all the important elements of life and good decorating. Ya got your prayer flags, bike race numbers, backpacking backpacks, and the obligatory bike product banner.

Moving to the wall opposite the loft, you see two of the four bikes hanging in the room.
And here's Alex on the sofa where a bottle cage has been thoughtfully hung from the wall, just in case someone gets thirsty. And finally, I must say this next item makes me extremely proud. Here we have the white plastic trash can that was spray painted a metalic silver, demonstrating that the guys appreciate both the need to have a trash can and the desire to be crafty.

Friday, September 26, 2008

You'd think I could count to TWO

So, I was really inspired by the Sunday Market Shawl knitted by Sue of Brookside Library Knit Night . . . so, despite the unfinished-ness of several projects, including (sewing) a jacket I promised to a niece almost two years ago and a birthday present due last July, I bought some lovely plum colored merino wool berroco yarn to (selfishly) make one for myself.

EXHIBIT A--the yarn.

The yarn gradually changes from the deep plum to a dusky lighter color -- I figured if I knit from the dark end of the ball for the first ball and then from the light end of the ball on the second ball, the color would gradually fade from dark to light and then back to dark at both ends. And, I cast on fewer stitches so as to have a scarf width rather than a shawl.
The yarn is perfect, the colors are perfect, my plan is working out just . . . (ohhhh what word?) . . . perfectly. (I do know my adverbs). The knitting went really fast, I was soooooo excited that I got out of bed at 5am this morning to knit the last few rows and bind off and then --


-- have the fun of dropping stitches to make this simple pattern work. The pattern requires that on the last row you knit two stitches, drop one stitch and knit two, and so on. I didn't even make coffee before I completed the scarf.

So, here's where I am now.
EXHIBIT B--the scarf

Well SHIT! If you (and by you, I refer only to my own stupid self) don't count the damned stitches right, and consequently drop the wrong stitches, the whole stinking thang comes apart at the bottom and makes a wonky mess. It's really difficult to count "1 - 2, drop" ummmmm a whole total of NINE freakin' times. I can't tell you how humbling it is to know that particular sequence is too complicated for me.

Well, the good news is that it was really entertaining to re-wind the balls of yarn with the ball winder directly from the scarf -- Maybe THAT's my WHEEEEEEEE for the day. And more good news, I probably won't pull a whole box of tampons out of my purse and lay it on the counter at the coffee shop while looking for my wallet because I did THAT yesterday. "Hey you guys, get back in there where you belong!" On the other hand, I'm going to the fair and I'll probably take my camera(s) so there is still plenty of opportunity for disaster for me today . . . I'd better go get started!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oh what a CLEVER girl!

HA! I'll bet you thought I was talking about myself again. Nope, not this time.

Here is the gal
She is a master spinner and weaver, and an amazon of a gal who built an ENORMOUS web between two of my bushes. Here is what I found out about her:
This is a brightly colored and conspicuous species frequently observed in open, sunny areas, especially in late summer and early fall. Female yellow garden spiders can reach a length of one inch or more. The carapace is silvery-white, and the oval, yellow and black abdomen bears of pair of humps near the base. Males are much smaller, rarely reaching much over a quarter of an inch long.

I know I have a girl here because she is WAY over an inch long. I can't put any type of measure near and hold the camera too without ruining the web. Using the tripod is out because the ground is really wet and I don't want to clean up a mess, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Anyway, I think she should be called a piggy-frog spider because, according to the above-cited web site, she "usually eats her web each day and constructs a new one, often in the same place." Can you relate?
I'm going to call her "Tink-erbell."
(ps. I think all the readers here are knitters, but in case you are not, to frog knitting is to rip knitting out, ya know "rip it-rip it," and to tink is to take stitches out one at a time, ie. knit backwards).

AND, in other news:
The IndiaFest was held today at the fairgrounds. While I did NOT enjoy the stinky incense burning, the food was delicious, and the dancing was fascinating. The women wearing saris were spectacularly beautiful. If I didn't have pasty white skin, green eyes, and those extra pounds of flesh, I'd wear one too.

And knitting-wise, I am making the Loops Pattern, Bono Kimono, out of some stash yarn. I frogged a sweater to obtain what I hope will be enough. AND, I'm so sure I'm going to love this sweater, I ordered a bag o' yarn from LittleKnits to make another. The yarn is 10 skeins of a knitting worsted wool: Ella Rae Classic - Smokey Blue Gray (Color #104). There are 219 yards per skein, so I know I'll have enough to make some kind o' somethin'.

It is time to start the Christmas thinking, which is the necessary prelude to the Christmas procrastination, which ends with the Christmas panic, all of which makes me hungry for cookies.

My Tattoo

My Tattoo
A bike chain tattoo, that is It's chain lube ya know