Friday, October 26, 2007

A Trip to San Francisco Is A Good Reason To Stay Married 25 Years!

Oh, there might be just a few other reasons too. But we scored some good times, good eats, and some lovely sock yarn. In keeping with one of the overriding principles of my life which is, anything worth doing is worth overdoing . . . I took over 250 digital pics AND 11 rolls of B&W film (5 rolls were only 24 exposures, so maybe it was not all that excessive?) So, for the foreseeable future if I'm not eating, sleeping, working, knitting, or preparing to do one of the above, I'll be in the darkroom or dinking around in Photoshop.

My camera selection showed (for me, anyway) remarkable restraint. I did not take my digital SLR or my medium format cameras, opting instead for "only" two cameras-- the OLD Pentax 35 mm (my favorite camera) and 3 lenses, and a little $129 Nikon 6 megapixel number I bought just before we left. I had gobs of fun with that dumb little camera. I now understand why people love their camera phones, despite how dweeby they look taking pictures with them--says me, the style maven. HA!!

On another note, I was sourdough inspired so I've got a starter fermenting on top of the fridge--day 7 in that process. I've used it 3 times for cinnamon rolls. (not ALL for me, I've taken some to work--SHEESH! which brings me to another thought, which is instead of embarking on another fruitless attempt to weigh less, I've embarked on a project to fatten up everyone around me--enough embarking and thoughtless punctuation for one parenthetical remark, don't you think?)


Marianne said...

Funny lady, you are! Considerable restraint, indeed.
Oh say hey, on that 'fattening up everybody else around you' business? I'm thinking the knitters would help you out.. as in VOLUNTEER... just sayin'...

schmom8889 said...

That's a good plan, isn't it? I just might bake something for the knit night group . . .

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