Monday, October 29, 2007


I LOVE that first mouthful of coffee every morning . . . I found this little ditty on Amy's blog.

If you are in Tulsa and love coffee, I recommend DoubleShot Coffee at 18th & Boston. Brian (the owner) roasts and sells single origin beans and has two varieties brewed everyday. DO NOT ask him to grind the beans, he goes a little mad (as in nutty-mad, not angry-mad). And DO NOT ask him which kind is stronger . . . his coffees are all brewed at the appropriate strength. However, the beans may impart different characteristics to the coffee and hence one may be more robust than the other but the strength is the same. Last week I asked him what French Roast means . . he said it means burn the hell out of the beans so you can't tell the beans were crappy to begin with, or some variation of those words. Ok, then.

I can put up with a LOT of attitude for great coffee, and that is great coffee.


Marianne said...

So then... would you call Brian Tulsa's own 'coffee nazi' ?(NYC's 'soup nazi')
am I remembering that correctly.. from Seinfield's? (oooh, the mind, it's a terrible thing to lose).....

Knit and fall back in it said...

I am going to have to check that coffee shop out. I have been wanting to roast my own coffee beans and from what I have read his answer about the French Roast is about right. I guess he could have been a little less abrasive abvout it. :)

schmom8889 said...

coffee nazi is right!!!

And, the abrasive bit was sort of the tone of the conversation--we were joking around.

Anonymous said...

Don't ask him anything, he is pms'ing continuously. His claim to fame is his good looks

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