Friday, March 9, 2007

Carpal Tunnel Surgery :( or :)

After MONThS of numb-sleepy fingers and hand pain, I saw a hand surgeon to have him diagnose what I knew was a fairly severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. And, after having a nerve conduction study--a lovely experiment with electric shocks and needles (sounds WAy worse than it was), I had my diagnosis and a recommendation for <<<<>>>>> surgery. I had the surgery done on Wednesday (3/7) and here I am on Friday, off the pain meds and typing a little better than hunt and peck . . . . AND I discovered I CAN KNIT.. .. sloooooowlllllly

Dr. said I have to exercise my fingers--So, I am. I won't say it doesn't hurt--it does . . . some, but then my right hand aways hurt, this ouch is just a little different and not at all unmanagable I'd say it is not as bad as playing soccer on a sprained ankle, or riding a bike with a miserable saddle sore--which are things I've done willingly and against the advice of others who think they know more than me.

So, with all the wisdom of one who is a day and a half post-op, I can say that the apprehension of the surgery was the worst part BY FAR. AND I can honestly share that I didn't exactly dig laying there feeling the dr. tease open my ligament with a knife.(local anesthetic--didn't hurt--but you DO feel stuff). However, if the first two days is the worst--the apprehension was completely wasted--this is easy!

My Tattoo

My Tattoo
A bike chain tattoo, that is It's chain lube ya know