Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The worst outfit --- EVER

So, I rode my bike to work today and suffered a clothing disaster.

I keep two extra outfits in my office so I'll have clothes to wear when I ride, so it's not like I was naked but that might have been better. Since I haven't ridden to work in a long time the outfits hadn't been wear-tested in a while. The first outfit I wanted to wear REALLY needed a slip, and I didn't have one at the office so that got scratched. My next choice was a rather longish black skirt and black top, which would have been ok, except I've lost weight since the last time I wore the skirt and the elastic had completely lost its stretch. So, the already long skirt kept slipping down onto my hips which made the skirt actually drag on the floor.

If that wasn't dowdy enough, I forgot shoes. So, I was stuck wearing my shower shoes all day.


Stitching At Stone Cottage said...

So where are our photos ann???

ann I am said...

Oh THANK GOODNESS there were no photos.

karin roepel said...

At the really fancy wedding in Chidago last month, my slip went into the really fancy trash receptacle in the really fancy bathroom......Karin

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