Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Two-fer

Well, it's July and that means watching the Tour de France is occupying most (all) of my spare time. This year I've added a twist (pun intended) to my obsession and have joined an on-line group on Ravelry--the Tour de Fleece.

For the Tour de Fleece, members try to spin each day the Tour de France is racing, photos of newly spun yarns are posted to the site and donated prizes are awarded based on member votes. So, I've spent a little time in the sit and spin mode.

For stage one, I started with a black alpaca and silk blend

In honor of Stage 2, I plied two bobbins full of 2-ply yarn, again of an alpaca blend.

No photos from Stage 3, but I spun more singles of the black alpaca silk, which started to come together in Stage 4 as another day of plying, but my bobbin fell apart. That nasty knot of yarn on the side of the broken bobbin is the equivalent of spinner's road rash-----ARGHHHHHH

I took up spinning the lavender stuff, which was natrual-dyed in logwood and is also an alpaca/silk blend

Last, but not least, Lance and his team, Astana, did an amazing job in the team time trial today, about which I could go on-and-on, but will refrain.
Correction, A-Freaking-MAZING!!!


Marianne said...

Look at you spinning and plying! I love the little charm.

Anonymous said...

I would like a sweater knit for moi in honor of the Tour in the black/grey and lavender silks if you don't mind.......

ann I am said...

Have I taught you NOTHING??? A sweater in honor of the tour would NEVER be black or lavender . . . it would be yellow (jaune in French--the only word I know) or maybe green (for the sprinters/points jersey)

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