Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mini-Me (the other loom)

Jeanine, masterful (and generous) spinner, weaver, grower of silk worms, glass bead maker, and sometime knitter (she probably does more stuff I just don’t know about) loaned me a loom she wasn’t using.

The loom is of the same make (LeClerc) as my loom, but is much smaller and has hence been dubbed mini-me.

The big one, whom I call Bertha, sports 7 yard warp of a rayon boucle in a bright spring green, to be woven variously with coordinating (I hope) rayon knitting yarns into narrow springy/summery twill scarves. Mini-me is attired in a purple (I’d like to say plum, but it is purple) commercial bamboo warp with some bamboo handspun occasionally intermingled therein. Mini-me will be woven with bamboo handspun, also in a twill pattern.

About Mini-me, Alex commented that every time he visits home, I have some new trinket to play with.

And, speaking of Alex. He's my youngest, and he turned 20 yesterday. So, I'm no longer raising teenagers--whew!!! Although to be honest, it (raising teens) really wasn't much of a burden. Here is a pic of the birthday boy trying on a new shirt.

And finally, the bike perched at the top of the stairs is positive evidence that Alex is indeed home for the summer.


Anonymous said...

glass bead maker? now you're talkin.....I can't wait for you to start that hobby ;)

ann I am said...

No making glass beads for me--molten stuff (except for caramelized sugar) and flames (except for gas grills and campfires) scare me.

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