Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's Nothin' but party, Party, PARTY

I'm tired! Christmas was loud and messy, but fun. New Years Eve was loud, fun and fortunately NOT at my house ergo someone else's mess.

And, on Sunday January 6, I hosted my parents' 50th Anniversary party for over 50 people.
Again, loud and messy, but fun. (no, I do NOT have a 50 person house). My kids and husband helped a bunch and my friend Beth followed behind the old people picking up and cleaning all day so almost all of the 400 meatballs I made were eaten so, except for dog poop which is a whole 'nother deal, the mess was really minimal, considering.

Knitting? yes. I've been helping my daughter knit her first mittens. She chose a pattern that ends up looking like an alligator puppet, so the construction is . . . different. And, she's moved over to the continental way of knitting so that has all been a fun challenge.

Here are some pics of some of the felted clogs of Christmas giving. 3 pair were given as felt-it-yourself projects. NOTE: Ya gotta remember to throw some towels in the wash when you felt because even with boiling water added, and over an hour in the washer, they will not felt.

I completed 7 pairs and have 5 more pairs on the to do list. (Mom, MIL, Meredith, Alex and mine).

Alex's scarf is a fairly well behaved WIP at this point. It's made from stiches I adapted from the Knitty.com RPM sock pattern.

I'm fixin' to cast on socks of this lovely RED Tempted sock yarn.

I'm 3 days away from my trip to the Yarn Barn to fondle, pet and see me some wheels. And, knit night was fun as always. Sue brought BIG cones of wool she formerly used for weaving, her ball winder and her scale so we could all wind measure and take home mass quantities of good stuff. Some of us brought yarn to trade or give away, there were cookies, and Marianne brought me a bar of really cool natrual soap I hope to try if I ever start bathing again--HA! I'll use it tonight.


Marianne said...

Oh honey, I hope you just used that on your hair..... it IS a shampoo bar...for the hair...;^)

I am here to 'testify':...

1)that scarf is pure beauty...
2)you looked damn good for being that tired...
3)Daughter's mittens are well on their way to fun and fabulous (as is Daughter, although she is 'there' and *not* on her way... Daughter,glad you came to knitnight, I enjoy you being there)
4)those WERE massive cones of wool!

Have a great time at Yarn Barn!

Knit and fall back in it said...

My goodness, you have been busy. Happy Anniversary to your parents, that is an adorable picture of them.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have fun knitting friends; I am almost tempted to cast on....but will avoid temptation....I prefer to paint paint paint and eat eat eat

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