Saturday, January 26, 2008

Love The Babies--HATE the blanket

I've been fighting the first of two blankets I've been making for a set of twins for some time. I absolutely HATE the novelty yarn I'm using. Oh, it LOOKS cute, but it sticks to every little rough spot on the hands. The stupid little pom pom balls have to be poked back through the knitting to make the right side look . . . right. I just hate it.

I KNOW you can knit love into an item, what if you can also knit loathing? Would the babies be doomed? Would the knitter be doomed? I just cannot bear the responsibility of continuing to knit something I hate for babies. The damned thing cannot be frogged because again, those stupid little balls are stuck in the stitches. So . . .

Bye Bye Blankie

WheW!!!! That was liberating!!!!!!

The babies still need a knitted gift, so I whipped these out.

These baby UGG booties are made of Berroco Suede yarn (nylon). They are trimmed in an alpaca/silk blend. (Never too early to get that habit started). The pattern is available free
on .

I've seen quite a few comments that the pattern makes REALLY big booties, more suitable to toddler size. I altered the pattern to size them down to baby size. Here is what I did:

Use size 1 and 2 needles (pattern calls for sizes 4 & 5, or 5 & 6, depending on size).
Cast on 12 stitches (pattern calls for casting on 26 stitches).

For rows 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, change the K11 to K4.

Shape Instep:
Row 1 k 22, SKP, turn (pattern calls for K 29)
Row 2 change k 7 to k 6
Row 3 change p 7 to p 6

Rows 4-13 omit rows 12 & 13, this means you will repeat rows 2 and 3; 4 times (pattern says repeat 5 times)

Row 15 change k 7 to K 6
Row 16 change p21 to p 14 (the row is 23 stitches, pattern says 35 stitches)

Do the remainder of the pattern the same.

And, finally . . . here is the SWATCH OF DEATH
Check out the Yahoo Group Hat Attack
And come play too!!!

Hat Attack is patterned after the Sock Wars you may have heard about. It is a friendly assassination game, here's how it works:
1- you sign up on the Yahoo Group
2- You are assigned a "target" and give his/her address
3- You "kill" your target by knitting him/her a hat following the prescribed pattern (which will be released on 2/8) and mailing the hat.
4- If you receive a hat, you're dead.
5- If you get dead, you must put your hat-in-progress on waste yarn and mail it to your assassin who will complete the hat and mail it to your target . . . and on and on.

Anyway, we've been the info that the hat will have cables, is suitable for Lambs Pride Worsted and have been given the gauge. With my Swatch of Death, I'm ready to play.


Knit and fall back in it said...

The little UGG boots are adorable, won't they be the best dressed babies?

The blankie really was pretty, too bad it had to be so difficult. Those little fuzzy balls are often more trouble than they are worth.

Good luck with Hat Attack. I would get in on it, but I had previously joined Secret of the Stole ii and am having to work as hard as I can to keep up with it. I have an unhealthy relationship with lace knitting. I should seek help.

Marianne said...

Those little UGG booooties ARE adorable, and I like that alpaca trim... I just keep thinking about wee bitty baby yarn ho's, heh.
Ack... good luck with the Hat Attack, sounds like 'all kinds of fun'....;^)

Anonymous said... that you have a spinning wheel and knit, will your blog name be changed to "ann is spinning a yarn or two?"

just asking.....

anniam said...

Ms. anonymous--you really are NOT. However clever you may be--don't you have better things to do at work--just askin' :)

Kat said...

WOW, I LOVED seeing that project in the trash can!!!!


The booties are very cute--way cuter than the not-to-be blanket.

Can't wait for Hat Attack! Thanks for posting about it on Ravelry. I blame you for my imminent demise.... ;-)

Amber said...

What's this yarn again? I'll be sure to avoid it... I've heard of your frustrations over it more than once... I don't wanna go through that!

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