Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Endeavors/Passions

Since my last post was fully a year ago, it's obvious that the new passion is NOT blogging.  

After literally YEARS of snarling at the influx of quilting fabric overtaking the garment fabric available at the fabric stores and harrumphing (how do you spell that anyway?) about  those craft sewers, a few years ago I consented to sewing a few straight lines of quarter inch seam allowance to make some baby quilts for charity.  All the while proclaiming that I AM NOT A QUILTER, I stealthily collected a few cheerful bits of cotton fabric that might be nice accompaniments to the donated fabric used by our group, King's Quilters and Crafters at Christ the King Parish.

  Can you guess where this is going?  

So, I rocked along making a few baby quilts a year.  I made a few aprons for gifts.  I practiced quilting by making place mats for the kitchen table.  (OK, the place mat drawer might be overflowing and there might be some cloth napkins involved).  And then, as things tend to do, somehow things sort of got out of control...

the workroom got cleaned up
shelves were rearranged and moved
the big loom was slid across the room to make space
Kelly wrote a big check

 Whaaaaaat happened?????  

Longarm quilting machine happened, that's what.  12 foot long table happened, that's what.  Her name is Gertrude, that's what.  

9 baby quilts done by me and 6 more quilted for others, that's what. 
 I guess I am a quilter after all.  

My new business is AnnMade, LLC.  I'll be quilting for fun and profit in my spare time soon.   You can check out that blog at 

 In the meantime, I'm upstairs in the workroom playing with thread and moving my now sizeable stash of fabric from pile to pile trying to decide how best to use it up.  Or maybe I'll just go buy more fabric, because God might stop making cotton, and then where would I be?  


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