Saturday, August 11, 2012


Last Saturday I attended weaving guild and was once again blown away by the creativity and productivity of the members.  As for me, I never seem to finish anything.  Oh, I visit my looms, stroke them, make plans for them, buy or spin the yarns I'll eventually use but then . . .

Yeah, that's a big blank space there.  I always seem to be doin' stuff, but never get anything done.  So, I decided I need a plan-- another plan, maybe one I'll even adhere to.   

My plan, to be revealed later herein, was inspired by the tapestry diary of Janette Meetze.  Janette weaves a little or a lot every day on a monthly diary on her tapestry loom.  Each day she weaves something symbolic of the day or what's happening in her life.  Check out the link to her blog, she does some amazing stuff.  Janette talked about how maybe we could explore the idea of a weaving diary using forms other than tapestry.  So, I got to thinking. . .

AND . . . I got to winding and warping and weaving.  I did a little something every day this week on my small Cricket rigid heddle loom.  And, today I cut this silk scarf off the loom.  

I have bins of lovely yarn, handspun and commercially spun that is just not getting used.  My plan is simple:   keep the Cricket continually warped with yarns on hand; keep the Cricket in the family room where it is easily accessible; and weave every day.  At a minimum I should be able to get a few inches done while I have my morning coffee.  Unlike my usual plans that involve big sweeping proclamations of easily derailed impossible-to-achieve intentions, this plan has a some chance of success.  

That's not all though--I have another plan too.  I'm winding a warp for the big loom to make yardage to sew a jacket and have it done by the guild meeting on September 8th, even though Sister Daughter is visiting for a week later this month and even though I work full time and even though  .  .  .


Janette Meetze said...

Oh my gosh Annie, I am so excited for you! Love your interpretation of weaving every day! Can't wait to see your diary scarf.

Minimiss said...

Sounds like a plan Ann. I find the carfty stuff I leave in the living room is definitely the stuff I finish first. Far too easy to ignore anything in the designated craft room behind the closed door.

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