Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Can Do Stuff Like THIS . . .

I now have a new laptop, one that doesn't freeze up and tell me that the program is "(not responding)" every third keystroke.  (Why the old computer put the message 'not responding' is put into parenthesis is inexplicable.)  

 And, this one lets me load photos AND actually edit them.  I don't even care that everything takes me three times longer than it should because  I don't quite "get" the MacBook yet and so far the experience of toggling my brain from the PC at work and the Mac at home has made me inept at both venues.  I don't care about that because 



Anonymous said...

pic isn't showing ;(

Janette Meetze said...

Yes you can!!

ann I am said...

Yeah, Pic didn't show--grrrrr! I guess I didn't have it figured out after all. :)

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