Monday, April 18, 2011

a new DO

I'm caught up in the annual makeover occurring in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet.

 I have a fever

Some years the DO SOMETHING I do is buying a bunch of fabric for clothes I won't get around to making; or buying plants I'll plant, but not water regularly; or drawing plans for raised garden beds I won't ever build (and wouldn't water the plants I'd plant anyway); . . . or . . . . or . . . . or. . . 

But, this year just maybe the DO would be DONE ! ( or ?)

What should it be?  

There, in the middle of the family room I found this year's Spring DO.  My spinning wheel is my go-to gal when I need (need?) something to do.  I recently acquired some new parts whose wood needed to be stained. (A sliding hook flyer & 3 bobbins if you must know).  And, she has some disturbing rain spots on her that need to be treated.  
So, last Sunday night I took the old gal apart and fine-sanded her multiple curvy surfaces, wiped off the dust, and massaged in some stain.  Monday before work she got more stain ,and Tuesday after work (and after beer-knitting) she got a healthy dose of polyurethane coating, then a good sand before a second dose on Wednesday before work.

By Wednesday night . . . 

That is, my friends, some kind of personal record from conception to execution and completion.  I can now rest on my laurels.  Or . . . maybe something else needs to be stained . . .  Or, maybe I could find some plans and build a really cool little stool to use whilst spinning . . . or . . . or . . . or.  

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Marianne said...

The DO is beautiful!

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