Friday, July 2, 2010

Assault on Lawrence

This last weekend Lawrence, Kansas experienced the Invasion of the Fiber Snatchers, or something like that.  This team of 10 weavers and spinners attacked Lawrence with a vengeance to wreak economic and gastronomic havoc (of the good kind).  

The ladies are:  Marilyn, Gina, Katherine, Gwen, Donna, Lynn, Karin, Janette, and Margaret--my presence in the photo is implied as I wielded the camera.  

Late Friday afternoon three car loads (departed, one each, from OKC, Tulsa, and Owasso) converged on the Halcyon House Bed & Breakfast  which was commandeered for our base of operations since we had rented the entire place. 

In short order the luggage was hauled, rooms were sorted, spinning wheels were arranged, and pizza was ordered.  Whereupon we set about to drink wine, visit, laugh, and spin into the night.  

Saturday we were up and breakfasted early to make our date at Traci Bunkers' studio, home of Bonkers Handmade Fibers .  The 400 square foot studio was a delight.  We were wall to wall in ohhhs and ahhhs with all the fiber, Traci, her dog, and the 10 of us.  I exercised no personal restraint and left with a bag of glorious color, which resident color guru Janette has assured me can be plied together for lovely effect. The sample skein I made bears this out.  

Then  *     *     *   drum roll  *    *    * we were off to  . . .
The Yarn Barn
For those unfortunate uninitiated, the Yarn Barn is a knitting, weaving, spinning shop that serves as a Mecca for those interested in these crafts. There are at least 5 floor looms set up and warped, 10 different spinning wheels ready to spin, bins and bins of plain and exotic fibers for spinning and every kind and color of thread you could want for weaving.  And, there are knitting and weaving project samples displayed throughout the store.  A vest pattern caught our collective eye so we bought all they had, asked them to order more, and we all plan to make of our handspun before next years' trip.  

After lunch and more economic havoc (my own) at the the shoe store, and necessary side trips to replenish the wine supply, we found ourselves back at Halcyon House.
I love this photo because we are all pretty much doing our own thing but together.  To me, that pretty much represents the essence of these fiber friends.  Anyway, Janette sketched

Lynn and Gwen studied something, Margaret, Donna, Karin, Katherine, and Gina spun, Marilyn napped, and I took photos.

Dinner was Italian and delicious, as was our waiter-not pictured anywhere in this post.  Jeannine, one of our number, had an ailing husband and couldn't make the trip but she sent money for wine.  Jeannine was often toasted throughout the evening.  

Sunday morning the cars were loaded with military efficiency and we trooped a few miles out of town to Maggies Farm where we were indeed greeted by Maggie, the namesake dog, and her friends--  the uber friendly sheep. 

Garlic had just been harvested and was drying in the barn loft. 

Again we ogled the wool--on the hoof and off.  Then it was on to Free State Brewery for lunch and samples of tasty ales.  One more stop at the yarn barn for last minute gotta-haves and it was time to travel home.  

The deposit for next year has been made and the date is set in March for next years invasion--forewarned is forearmed.  Me?   I'm saving my money already.   


Traci Bunkers said...

It was great having you ladies visit my studio! I'm so glad you had a good time in Lawrence. Please tell Janine Glaves hello for me!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know you or any of the ladies, but I wanna come with next year! What a blast you all had. Glad to have experienced it via your blog post!

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