Friday, July 31, 2009

Ok Karma--I'm listening.

Rabbits frequently cross my yard.
My dogs frequently chase those rabbits.
They've never caught one -- until today.

This morning one silly rabbit hopped onto the back patio. I saw him and, knowing that dog chaos would ensue when he was spotted, banged on the glass door to encourage him to go elsewhere. Such banging alerted monster standard poodle Chai, who began to go crazy as only an 85 pound poodle can.

I opened the door to let Chai chase the errant bunny whom I thought was at a safe distance. The other poodle, Bentley, shot into the room from where ever he was sleeping and bounded out the door. Thereupon a chase ensued with the bunny hopping to and fro and the dogs running into each other and completely overrunning the bunny at every turn. The dumb bunny started through a hole in the fence, which would have assured his safety, but made the fatal mistake of reconsidering that escape to resume his rapid jaunt through the yard.

The Great White Hunter (Chai) who has never even caught a cricket, caught the rabbit who, alas, did not survive. The dogs, truly meaning no harm, ignored our calls and poked at the poor thing as if to encourage him to get up for more fun. FINALLY, son Alex and I coaxed the dogs indoors.

I told Alex he needed to get a shovel and dispose of the dead bunny. He demurred, saying that since I let the dogs out the dead bunny was entirely my fault. He resisted my taunts that he was being unmanly when he rolled himself into a fetal ball on the couch saying he didn't like dead things. (oh YES Alex, this is MY blog, and I get to tell the story how I saw it).

I briefly considered leaving the dead bunny in the yard. My brother was mowing the yard today and he's a hunter. I knew a little dead bunny wouldn't bother him. But, pride forced me to retrieve the shovel to engage in rabbit removal. After that operation was completed, I turned on the hose to rinse the red residue from the shovel. However, my husband has installed a high pressure nozzle on the hose, which was fine until I dropped the hose to turn off the faucet. Then, just like a scene from a cartoon, I got a face full of high pressure water. The hose next proceeded to snake about to completely drench me in what couldn't have been 15 seconds.

Ringing wet, I went inside to be met by Alex who was peaking into the kitchen from the dining room where he was presumably safe from dead things:

"Jeez, what happened to you."

"Well, son--today karma is a bit on the cranky side. I got my payback for letting the dogs chase the bunny a little sooner than I expected."

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keeping Promises

Last year at the Fiber Christmas in July festival, I bought 55 oz (almost 3 1/2 pounds) of a lovely alpaca blend. This year's Fiber Christmas is coming up, and I promised myself I wouldn't buy any fiber at the festival this year, cause I had all that left from last year to spin.

Well gang, that's a promise kept because I've spun myself dizzy and this is the end of that mess of fiber.
I haven't counted up all the yardage because I still have three of the bobbins you see here to ply. I think this is going to be woven into a ruana to serve as a coat for the winter.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Two-fer

Well, it's July and that means watching the Tour de France is occupying most (all) of my spare time. This year I've added a twist (pun intended) to my obsession and have joined an on-line group on Ravelry--the Tour de Fleece.

For the Tour de Fleece, members try to spin each day the Tour de France is racing, photos of newly spun yarns are posted to the site and donated prizes are awarded based on member votes. So, I've spent a little time in the sit and spin mode.

For stage one, I started with a black alpaca and silk blend

In honor of Stage 2, I plied two bobbins full of 2-ply yarn, again of an alpaca blend.

No photos from Stage 3, but I spun more singles of the black alpaca silk, which started to come together in Stage 4 as another day of plying, but my bobbin fell apart. That nasty knot of yarn on the side of the broken bobbin is the equivalent of spinner's road rash-----ARGHHHHHH

I took up spinning the lavender stuff, which was natrual-dyed in logwood and is also an alpaca/silk blend

Last, but not least, Lance and his team, Astana, did an amazing job in the team time trial today, about which I could go on-and-on, but will refrain.
Correction, A-Freaking-MAZING!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tour de France

I'm just trying this . . . a tour widget

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The worst outfit --- EVER

So, I rode my bike to work today and suffered a clothing disaster.

I keep two extra outfits in my office so I'll have clothes to wear when I ride, so it's not like I was naked but that might have been better. Since I haven't ridden to work in a long time the outfits hadn't been wear-tested in a while. The first outfit I wanted to wear REALLY needed a slip, and I didn't have one at the office so that got scratched. My next choice was a rather longish black skirt and black top, which would have been ok, except I've lost weight since the last time I wore the skirt and the elastic had completely lost its stretch. So, the already long skirt kept slipping down onto my hips which made the skirt actually drag on the floor.

If that wasn't dowdy enough, I forgot shoes. So, I was stuck wearing my shower shoes all day.

My Tattoo

My Tattoo
A bike chain tattoo, that is It's chain lube ya know