Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shawl Finnished

There has been a bit of knitting lately. I found this lovely shawl pattern on Ulla, a Finnish on-line knitting magazine. Although the pattern is in Finnish, and although I know only a dozen or so words in Finnish, I was able to decipher the instructions by taking several steps.

1) I ran the pattern through the mostly unhelpful Google translator which provided insightful tips like these:

Watered scarf, squeeze it dry and pingota. Enter
huivin be pingotukessa until it is completely dry
Heads Telecommunication Finally the yarn ends.

2) I cross-checked the Finnish instructions and the translated ones with the Ulla site's Finnish/English knitting terms.

3) I luckily mentioned my effort to knitting savant Sue, who happened to be knitting a shawl that appeared to begin in the same manner
as this one. So I used her instructions to begin the project.

4) The lace portion is charted and most knitting charts depict the sam
e stitches in any language, so it wasn't all that difficult after all. Anyway, I'm pretty proud of my Lumi Shawl (Lumi means snow).

And, I know my Finnish grandfather (who taught me a few words in Suomi) would be proud too.
So, here it is . . . knitted in a Elsabeth Lavold yarn "silky wool," whose obtuse name cleverly disguises the fact that it is a silk and wool blend.
There has been other knitting too--CHRISTMAS KNITTING!!!! or maybe birthday knittting, I haven't decided which. You see, there are two lovely nieces who live in the fantasy world of Laura Engels Wilder and for whom I made prairie dresses last year. Certainly they need shawls to go with those dresses, and so as of this morning I am one shawl to the good in filling that need.

This shawl is made of a 6/2/3 weight pima cotton weaving yarn. It is wonderfully drapey and I think just perfect for the intended purpose. One similar (or identical, I haven't decided--but do not want to start a fight) shawl to go along with the decision whether they will be September birthday gifts or Christmas gifts.


Marianne said...

Both shawls are beautiful, I'm going to have to check out the Ulla e-zine!

Anonymous said...

Laura INGALLS Wilder.....they will be thrilled regardless....


you know who

ann I am said...

OopS or is it opps?? I NEVER get the spelling right.

Pinneguri said...

Don't you just loooooove those Google translations?! I have had some of the same experiences, esp on Finnish ... it's a hard language, we'll have to excuse Google for not having learned it too well ;D
Love your shawl, and thanks for your notes on it in English.

Elsa said...

the green shawl is a beauty! would love to have the pattern! the other shawl is beautiful as well ... thanks so much for sharing!

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