Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Few Days in the Ozarks

Kelly and I left town last week for a little R&R in the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri. We camped two nights on Beaver Lake outside of Eureka Springs, Arkansas and then stayed a few nights at Big Cedar Lodge on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. (I refuse to say we vacationed in Branson--have you been there????? YUCK)

Anyway, we went to visit a water powered grist mill at War Eagle and bought various milled grains, took a bird watching class, rode bikes, took a tram ride to visit some elk and buffalo, and best of all hired a guide to take us fly-fishing for trout. I took my spinning wheel along and got two bobbins of sari silk done.

On the wildlife tour they stopped the tram and spread grain along the ground to get these guys to come visit:

That was really cool until they got this CLOSE. (I was NOT using a telephoto lens) I was fearful of being the lead story in the Ozark Hillbilly Post--Tourist Gored on Idiot Wildlife Tour.

Fly fishing was great fun. Kelly was all duded up in his outdoorsy stuff: Mountain Hardware camping shirt, Columbia shorts and cool hat, putting on the waders kind of changed the picture.

Ummmm, Kelly dear-- you really are NOT much of a "hat guy".

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Marianne said...

Oh come on, Kelly looks pretty dashing in his fishing attire :^)
That's waaaaay too close to a wild buffalo! holy moly!
Never been to Branson, I never intend to either. that doesn't come as a big surprise, does it.
War Eagle is pretty cool though.

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