Monday, July 28, 2008

FIBER FIBER everywhere

The Fiber Christmas in July Festival was held at the Creek County Fairgrounds in Kelleyville, Oklahoma this weekend. I sure hope it was a success for the vendors because it sure was for me.
I arranged to leave work early on Friday so I could go scout out the offerings before committing my $$ to something I might not need. That turned out to be a really good plan.
I arrived with this ball:
which I had dyed and spun and was looking for something suitable to ply with it since I am certain I couldn't get even close to the color I need again. Luckily I found a lovely batt dyed by the also lovely Gwen, who just happened to have taught a dying workshop to the Tulsa Handspinners just last Saturday, where I dyed this:

Anyway, the new and old married well and created this

I spent a embarrassingly long (and probably creepy) amount of time patting the fiber displayed by Ozark Carding Mill, especially the gorgeous suri alpaca. I didn't get any of that, however, opting instead for a big bunch o' "little bits," which are left over bits that come off of the machine, are re-washed and run through again. (I don't know what kind of machine I'm talking about here--just parroting what I was told). Anyway it has a bunch of different fibers and quite a bit of alpaca too--55 oz of it is mine. The grayish stuff below is an alpaca silk blend from Ozark too.

But wait . . . that's not all--
I found a pound of colonial top which is EXACTLY the same color as a pound I have spun up at home. So now this little fiber family is living all together
Then, these little 4 oz Easter Egg bags were $3 each, how could I leave them behind, even if I do slightly hate the colors?

I got to visit for a long while with Donna who owns the Weavery at Indian Meridian in Guthrie. I spend some time watching regular cotton thread become amazing fabric at the hands of a practiced weaver. AND, I picked up a flier for the weavers guild which just happens to meet this Saturday at the library which is just over a block (ETA mile, just over a MILE--sheesh) from my house--I could walk, even.

Do you feel that? You know, the planets seem to be aligning for some yet-to-be-disclosed purpose which I'm just guessing could possibly maybe might have a little something to do with a loom?
Could a loom be looming in my future??


Marianne said...

You are so funny, Ann... and tons of fun to hang with at fibre festivals :^)

It's all beautiful. Too bad it only happens once a year around here,eh?

(I think I'm 'getting it':^D

Knit and fall back in it said...

That is quite a haul. I'm sorry I missed it. Which library are you talking about? I have always been fascinated with weaving.

Fannie Pie said...

What a great shopper you are!! I'm really sorry I missed it- I worked both Friday and Sat. but next year I'm not gonna miss it...

About that loom... if you'd like a loaner, I know where you could get one...:-) Just say the word!

Emma said...

Oh no, not a loom! Crazy lady. Great to see you at the Fest Saturday.

Anonymous said...

gosh...I sure wish I could have been there and seen the evolution of thought "looming" in your always thinking brain.

Why is it I always miss the fun?

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