Friday, December 21, 2007

Overrun by BEAVERS!!

Most of Tulsa and the surrounding area lost power for days due to an ice storm . . . or was it? Believe the ice storm story if you must, but for me the evidence points convincingly to a massive city-wide assault by crazed, drunken and woefully disoriented --- BEAVERS.

Mother Nature's little architects seem to have gone on a wild binge (no doubt caused by global warming) and have left their handiwork in yards all over town, even those miles from the nearest stream. A cursory glance down any residential street in Tulsa will confirm the theory as practically every yard has its own useless beaver dam.
Some houses are nearly obscured by the damnable dams:
I'm not sure what I hope to accomplish by bringing this to light. I mean the beavers no harm, but think it is time for those destructive critters to move on.


Marianne said...

well... that and take their damn dams with them, eh?

You have such a clever and witty mind :^)

Knit and fall back in it said...

Maybe we could round them up and shear them. Their coats are the softest I have ever felt and I am almost positive that it could be spun into the most amazing yarn.

Anonymous said...

Oh golly, don't send them here.

In 2004 we had our own "beaver invasion" THREE TIMES! And I don't think we even HAVE beavers in Florida.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Wow. Tulsa beavers are wild ones. Our Seattle Beavers cruising around Lake Washington are mild by comparison this year. There's a family of them by Husky stadium. They just swim around and keep to themselves. They went kinda crazy here last year, but the conservationists ran a pretty good coverup that blamed our massive multi-week power outage on wind storms. But yeah, it HAS to be the beavers.

Jo said...

Do you think they can be housetrained by fierce Knitters with sharp needles?!

Emma said...

Amen! Move along, little beavers.

Eric & Tony said...

I do mean the beavers harm. They'd better move on quickly or I'm stocking my freezer.

Eric & Tony said...

Oh, and Happy Holidays!

Angela Cox said...

Oh my goodness I love those cute guys but what little ...oh my goodness Marianne I need say no more that is too good!

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