Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nice Buns!

(Rolls, really--cinnamon variety)
I made these sourdough cinnamon rolls for Kelly to take to the office today.

If you are in the mood for a delicious and EASY pumpkin treat to share, check out Phara's recipe for pumpkin pie bars.

Today was a big-crafty day for me. I wore my newly completed sweater/jacket/cardigan and hand-knitted socks to work today. Note to self: The extra 10" of visual girth added to silhouette by sweater knitted of extra bulky weight yarn is NOT flattering to the queen-sized frame. Oddly, I like the sweater anyway.

I decided what to do with some of the Mountain Colors homespun (lupine colorway) that I've been hoarding. I'm making the Loops 3-some mini-wrap. (again, with the super bulky weight). The stitch pattern doesn't show with this yarn, and it will not drape like the cashmere the pattern calls for, but I know that and it's OK. I LOVE this yarn -- wool and silk and deep colors. If I could afford it, AND if the whole gamut of Mountain Colors was available locally, I'd knit EVERYTHING with it.

AND finally, I HATE EASEMENTS!!!! We have this mess of electrical crap in our back yard. The mess was previously hidden by bushes, but for some reason AT&T was not happy with that situation, so last week they tore out bushes and relocated the post from the hidden spot to a more visible locale. (See the bright obelisk in the center of the photograph).
Notice the tree stump and the tilt of the green electrical box in the picture? A monster cottonwood tree grew atop that stump once. It was up-ending the electrical box, so we notified PSO of the problem and they graciously removed the tree. That solved the worry we had that the big tree would someday crash into our neighbor's house. BUT, the idiot sticks left the stump which is still causing the electrical box to tilt. So, PSO solved our problem, but not their own. We've called over and over to advise PSO. They've sent crews out who (no kidding) eat their lunches and take naps in our yard but are unable to work on the stump.
So, one day the stuff in the electrical box will overheat or short out like it has before. And, several houses or even the whole block will be without power, like they have before. And, PSO will replace the box, like they have before. Unless PSO takes action on the e-mail I sent today. We'll see . . . anyway, THAT's why I HATE EASEMENTS!!!!


Marianne said...

Oh... Yummy looking buns!
Congrats on wearing sweater AND socks to work!
I love those Mountain Colours... sigh.... so very pretty...

Knit and fall back in it said...

Where does Kelly work? I want to sneak in and get one of those rolls.

I had an easement fight of my own a few years ago. It's a long story

Amber said...

Love the pumpkin toast! =D

(lilmizzcookie @ ravelry)

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