Saturday, November 3, 2007

My first EVER sweater--Completed

I just finished seaming up my FIRST EVER SWEATER!! It was made with a bulky yarn, Trendsetter Savvy. I wasn't exactly sure what I would use to secure the edges while I sewed the seam. THEN, I noticed a #2 circular needle, all lonely and needing something constructive to do. I sort of basted the seam together by stringing the needles and cable through the seam. It made the sewing easy to complete and was simple to remove. That's probably something other knitters do all the time, but I've never seen that suggestion.

AND, in other news . . .

Halloween pointed out what a pathetic person I am with an empty nest. You need not look any further than THIS for evidence. Lacking other ways to entertain myself, I made some properly burnt toast (homemade whole wheat sourdough) and smothered it with pumpkin butter (not homemade) and then . . . TA DA. . . decorated the toast with canned whipped cream for Jack-O-Toast. I said I was pathetic!

Then, there is THIS:

A co-worker brought SCARY chocolate body parts to share. As it turns out, it looks like MY finger was the model for this particular scary part.

knittin 002


Knit and fall back in it said...

I don't think your Jack-O-Toast is pathetic. I think it is kinda cute.

Marianne said...

The sweater is beautiful! looking forward to seeing it... up close and personal... :^)

Eric & Tony said...

Eww chocolate body parts.

Congrats on the sweater. Knit night is sooo far away this month. Remember to bring the sweater!

Anonymous said...

Wow, wonderful work on the sweater! Never would have guessed it's your first.

The jack-o-toast was a cute idea.

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