Sunday, September 30, 2007

How 'bout that new dog??

We already have a MONSTER POODLE. His name is Chai, 'cause he's cream colored and spicy, just - just like the Indian tea, chai.

(haven't had chai? ohhhhh drink some -- NOT from a mix and NOT at Starbucks--go to an Indian restaraunt, order some saag paneer, papdi chat, maybe a little chicken korma, or tiki masala AND hot chai--it's black tea steeped with cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, etc and milk)

CHAI is a non-standard Standard Poodle. He is 85 pounds of pure poodle love and muscle comin' at you ready for some smak-down wrestling which usually ends up with some human getting a split lip since he always manages to whack his opponent with his skull.

Long story short . . . I met Bentley our new black-as-night 14 mo old Standard Poodle at PetSmart when I dropped Chai off to be groomed . . . I truly didn't NEED another dog any more than I needed to coach soccer . . . but even in the all-about-Ann era not all things fit neatly into either the "need" or "want" column. Bentley needed a home and I wanted him, so it all worked out.

Consulting Kelly directly would have surely resulted in a veto of the second dog. I mentioned having met Bentley several times, which was almost like consulting Kelly, right? After 25 years of marriage you'd think Kelly would be just a little more perceptive. Anyway, after I passed muster from the ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) people and got Bentley home, I called Kelly to confess my sin. He didn't hang up--didn't yell--actually he didn't say anything for a loooooong time--he just said he'd be home. Uncertain of his role in this drama, Bentley settled down on the rug by the garage door. Kelly came through that door and growled, "let's see this dog." Bentley sat up at Kelly's feet and lifted a paw to him. Kelly melted . . . "awwwwww, hello puppy."

SOLD--life is good (and I'm blessed with a fine man)

My guys (left-to-right) Captain Oblivious (aka Kelly) Chai & Bentley.

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Knit and fall back in it said...

The way a dog reacts to a strange person speaks volumes about that person's character, so it seems to me that Bentley agrees that you have a fine man there.

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