Thursday, January 26, 2012

California Variegated Mutant . . . Sheep

Or, CVM for short.  Who wouldn't love sheep with that name? 

Just today I got a packet of fiber samples from Marushka Farms.  You probably can't tell by looking at the not-so-swell photo, but the fiber is absolutely luscious. I'm hesitant to share because I know EVERYONE will want this fiber before I get a chance to order.  But, I'll take the chance--here goes: 

 The first photo shows SIX colors of lamb fleece roving taken from the first shearing of these babes and each roving is from a single fleece--a CVM fleece!  

This photo shows five colors of combed top.  Multiple fleeces are blended together in this preparation. 

The colors are so gorgeous, I won't even be tempted to spoil them by having more dying disasters (see earlier post).  And, May is just around the corner so I'll need some especially fine fiber to spin during the RennFaire.  Plus, I'm just really convinced God is gonna stop making sheep, in which case the wool I have on hand probably won't be enough(I haven't decided enough for what exactly, since the winter weather in Oklahoma can't seem to get much colder than 50.  I'm guessing the really awful weather is waiting until May while I'm outdoors trying to spin at the RennFaire).  

There, now that I've completely justified the purchase of YET MORE WOOL, all I have to do is decide how much of which colors I want.  It might take me a day or two to decide, so since I've been nice enough to share don't run out and buy the stuff I want. 

Notice how mature and restrained and non-cliche I was in not noting how long it's been since I've blogged and wondering where all the time went?  Yeah, I'm mature and restrained like that. 


Stitching At Stone Cottage said...

Hi Anne,
Looks like nice fibre..nearly as nice as Merino!!! can you tell me what micron it is?

schmom8889 said...

CVM is between 22 to 25 microns. It is a close to the skin wool. The colors are magnificent.

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