Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unhappy State of Camera(s)

My camera life has gone to hell.  

Since my beloved Pentax DSLR broke by means of pitching itself off a picnic table and since I HATE the dumb look-like-a-dork and hold-it-at-arms-length one (which is fine for phone cameras but not for REAL photos), I decided I'd just shoot B&W film.  As a result, I have a number of rolls I intended to develop this morning.

Unfortunately, while unloading my 1979 vintage SLR, the crank broke leaving me no way to get at the film without breaking the camera.  I consider that to be a tragedy even though I bought it at auction about 7 years ago for $16, including the lens.  To be fair I should add that I have at least 5 other film SLR cameras, most of which have at least 2 lenses and most of which are of far better quality than the broken one, and I have another identical version of the one I just broke.  (People who have gone digital tend to give me their old film equipment for which I am grateful).  So, I'm not actually camera-less but I really LOVE the one that just broke.  

Come to think of it, the only reason I can express for loving the clunky camera is that it was so inexpensive I don't have to baby it along and because it would be no big deal if someone were dumb enough to steal it or if it got broken.   As it turns out that wasn't true at all.  Right now the broken camera seems to be a big deal . . .  but really not THAT big of deal.  

Ok, so try this . . . many men and women sacrificed much for this country, as a result of their  unselfishness, I can safely obsess about my stupid little camera.  That IS a big deal.  

Thanks  Veterans.  

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