Thursday, March 4, 2010

Olympic Knitting

There are a couple of knitting events that run simultaneously with the Olympics, just like the Tour de Fleece is a spinning event that runs simultaneously with the Tour de France. (You know about that, right?) The idea is to challenge yourself to accomplish some difficult knitting goal and to knit toward that goal during the Olympics.

I planned to knit a cardigan for daughter Meredith (the nun, Sister Divine Providence), and began said knitting during the Opening Ceremonies. My parents, Beth, Kelly and I were all enjoying the event . . . THEN, the U.S.athletes came in wearing knitted reindeer hats. THEN, the comments began . . . "wonder if anyone we know could knit us hats like that," "no, we don't know anyone that talented," "Annie would never actually get them done," and on, and one, and on.

Well, it so happens that I recognize a challenge when one is issued, I have a big wide foolish streak in me, and I remembered seeing the pattern (free, no less) on Ravelry.
So, I found myself at the yarn shop on Saturday, buying red, white, and blue wool yarn and knitting needles. (yes, I have dozens of knitting needles--and yes, I undoubtedly have the right size--but no, I was NOT going to waste valuable time digging around to find them, and possibly take them off another maybe unfinished project). I snap this photo (notice the Olympic-esque placement of yarn?) So, next thing was to cast on--I did, and knit about 40 rows of the first hat. It was waaaaaay too big. ARGHHHHHH back to the yarn store to get smaller needles. (previous yeses regarding my personal store of needles are fully applicable).

My plan to knit 6 of the terminally cute hats was derailed by a trip to Dallas with the beer knitter (yes we bought yarn), the need to work at the J-O-B, the selfish requirement of sleep, and an overwhelming fixation with actually watching the Olympic events.

I completed two hats--just two.

The recipients (my parents) seemed pleased.

(aside to others who were promised hats . . . someday)


Marianne said...

Brava! Those are fabulous hats!

Are you also thinking that the family needs another knitter? :^)

te_roti said...

Very cool hats. You can't make too many of them otherwise your great work will be devalued. You can make a different hat for the others during the summer olympics.


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