Friday, February 19, 2010

More Toys For ME

For almost a year, I've been looking forward to a road trip with a group of spinners and weavers which was to have taken place the last weekend of January. We had an entire bed and breakfast rented, and 11 of us planned to trek to that fiber mecca--Lawrence, Kansas (home of the Yarn Barn). We had plans to eat, drink wine, shop, spin, and visit a farm that raises sheep or alpacas (I forget which). The crappy weather (I think it's called winter?) which has plagued planet earth for the last little bit derailed our plans.

I was, however, able to assuage the pain of the canceled trip. Fortuitously, a local spinner was getting rid of some equipment so just after the trip had been canceled, but right before the bad weather set in, the few dollars I had squirreled away for yarn purchases seared right through my pocket and resulted in the acquisition of these new toys.

Meet the ever-charming Mr. Drum Carder who makes these lovely piles of fluff waiting to be spun into yarn:

AND, the newest wheel in my growing stable:

These guys made being stuck in the house for four days bearable. So bearable, in fact, that I'm cheering for more snow.

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My Tattoo
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