Sunday, December 6, 2009

So, this is Christmas

and, my first attempt at dish towels is off the loom.

These little numbers were woven with the Christmas tree border at each end. The weaving structure is called summer and winter. The reverse side has a white tree with a mostly green background.

The color varies because although the warp (lengthwise) threads were the same for all of the towels, the warp (crosswise) threads differed.

The more brownish was made with a cotton/linen blend, the brighter one made with cotton.

They are meant to be gifts, but I'm going to have a hard time giving them away.

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Marianne said...

WoW Ann! How fabulous are those!?!?!
I like the browner one... but then maybe because it just looks more 'normal' to me? (as in already broken in?) and no, I don't mean 'dirty' looking. I'll shut up now.
hahahahah, I'd have a hard time giving them up too ;^) but isn't that always the way?

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