Thursday, June 19, 2008


So, I’m casting about on the world wide web (who says that anymore?) for inventive ways to procrastinate from doing the task at hand (matters not what the task was or that compute-a-teering is in itself procrastination of some order).

LO AND BEHOLD the summer Knitty is up.
And, Knitty announces a photography contest . The challenge is to make a Knitty pattern and feature it in a photo to submit for consideration as a page on the 2009 Knitty calendar. So, the contest is NOT about knitting so much as it is about photography.
The hobby gods are good indeed.

One week hence, I am traveling to Montana: Custer Battlefield, Beartooth Pass, Yellowstone, Butte, the Bitterroot, and Glacier Park. Yep–God’s Country–ALL of it. And, I’ll have 2-- no 3-- cameras, a tri-pod and 3 gorgeous college-age girls with me. With a little earnest knitting, I’ll also have 3 swell hats with me too. (hahahahaha. Word play. The name of the hat pattern is "Swell." I don’t care what the hat looks like, since the word “swell” worked, that had to be the pattern).

Anyway, the photo possibilities are limited only by the girls’ cooperation with my scheme (and maybe my ability to produce 3 hats). So, at lunch time I’m off to get another gig or two of memory for my digital camera.

For the rest of y’all (note to self: do NOT say y’all in Montana):
STEP AWAY FROM THE SHUTTER BUTTON . . . your entries are futile.

I’m on a calendar domination mission here and will not be deterred. (Unless, of course Eric gets a killer shot of his tarantula on some lace. There’d just be no competing with somethin’ like that).


Marianne said...

What fun, your upcoming trip..
Wishing you the best for your photo-graphic skilz... hope you're in the calendar!

As to Eric's wee tarantula... it's MIA the last I heard... wah.. that bit of news made me sad.
and yes, wouldn't that have been a fabulous photo? spider on lace... there's a lace shawl out there, Spider Queen, I do believe...

Have fun!

Knit and fall back in it said...

That sounds like a fun trip...can I go?

Anonymous said...

That was a swell post, can't wait for the next one

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